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    Octave Mandolin (# 89)

    is done and ready to go!

    These are tuned the same as a regular size Mandolin…but an octave deeper.  The body size is much larger giving it a nice,
    deep “Guitar Like” sound.

    There are carved scrolls in the top and back of the peg-head.

    The scale length from nut to fret is 20 inches.  
    I've been using D'Addario Octave Mandolin strings, but you might want to consider using Guitar strings to compensate for the shorter scale.

    In-lays are made of local clam shell from the

    Watonwan River.

    The top is made of Redwood.
    This was one of the last pieces of old growth Redwood I found up at the local lumber yard years ago. And despite the fact that this last board was infused with several knots, I decided to use it anyway.

    As it turned out, all those knots certainly didn't dampen the sound at all, as it has a nice deep resonant tone.

    The scrolls on the top and back of the body are more exaggerated than most Mandolins. Just something I've been experimenting with to enhance the balance and tone.

    The sides are deeper than my older Octaves: These are 2 - 1/4 inches wide to get a deeper sound.

    And port side sound holes have been added
    for extra tone.

      The tuners are inexpensive but good quality Guitar tuners from China.

    The back, neck and sides are made of highly figured Maple all stained a wine-colored burgundy 'Merlot'.

    The string width at the Ebony nut is 1 - 1/2 inches wide and has a 'Zero Fret'.

    The Ebony bridge is adjustable for

    varying string heights.

    The tail-piece is made of bronze
    by Allen Guitars

    All reports coming in agree: These heavy bronze tail pieces really add to the tone and balance and sustain of an instrument.

    The top sound-hole is also bigger than ones I've made in the past.

    The inside bracing on the top is my own experimental version called an X-Spyder. It may be slightly over-doing it a bit, but so far I haven't had any complaints on the final sound quality. And it's a good bet the top won't be collapsing any time soon! 

    On the inside of the lower right rib, there is a wooden block that can be used to attach an internal pickup.


    On the outside of the lower bout, there is a tiny black dot so you can pin-point the exact location to drill the hole for the pick-up.

    The case itself is constructed of carved cedar 2x4's and plywood. The inside is padded with foam and lined with felt. Brass hinges and latches make a secure lock and the little rubber legs will prevent any scratching of floors or furniture.


    (Case Included)

    Now on display and for sale at
    Groth Music in Burnsville, Minnesota.


    Blue Octave (# 86)

    I've been wanting to make a blue one for years now. Finally got around to it.

    Back, sides and neck are Hard Rock Maple.
    The top is made of Spruce. 20 inch scale.

    Really good good quality Chinese made individual Guitar tuners.

    Flat Ebony fretboard with Snowflake inlays.

    Side port sound holes.

    TR-1 Bronze Allen Guitars tailpiece with 
    D'Addario phosphor bronze strings.

    Shop Cat inspected and approved!

    The case is made of Pine 2X4's and Plywood.

    Lined with foam and blue felt.

    Brass hardware with a leather strap and compartment box.

    The Blue Octave is sold!

    But I will be making another one soon.

     (Already spoken for)

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