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Cricket Fiddle Instrument Co.

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Here you'll find more pics and info on some of the instruments I make plus lots of detailed photos on the actual construction of some of them.
Also YouTube videos of some really unique
(and really Strange!) musical instruments from around the world.


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Welcome to TeeJays Home Page and Web Site.
I make stringed Musical Instruments
and conduct field surveys for

Reptiles and Amphibians

(Click on the Frog to get to the
Biological Survey)


Monday - May 29 - 2017

Hello from the banks of the
Watonwan River at Madelia, Minn. 

(The "Pride of the Prairie")        
A note about calling here
and leaving a phone message:
It usually doesn't work! 
Sorry... but using a cell phone with a bad connection
makes it impossible to hear
your return number.
Please use my E-mail address instead.


Latest project:

I am currently building a
10-String Viola D' Amore.

Scheduled to be completed by the end of June. Check out my Facebook page for weekly updates on its construction.


Items currently available:

  Scroll down to see what I've got, then click on the
appropriate link above for more pics and info.

Octave Mandolin
(# 82)

 Now has a new side sound hole and a
Curly Walnut opick guard.


I just finished a new F-4 Octave Mandolin.
Photos are up in the Mandolins section. 

Click onto my Facebook page to see weekly updated construction photos.


10-String Mandola (# 75)
is once again available. It spent a year in Florida, but didn't like it there so it has returned.

Now with new side sound-holes too.
(In the Mandolins section) ______________________________________

The 10 -String 'Hardanger' Dragon Fiddle
has just been completed.
(And is already officially spoken for)
There will be more of these. 


         Custom built case with a bow included.

Photos available in the
Violins and Fiddle section.
More details coming soon.


  I now have video/sound samples.
Please keep in mind:
I spend a lot more time building than playing.
(More coming soon)

More videos in the Mandolins section.

Nyckelharpa's # 5 an # 6 have been
re-built and up-graded.
The latest pics, info and details are now up
in the Violins and Fiddles section

That's what's currently available.
Check out my Facebook page for
photos of the construction of # 78.


Great Big Giant
10-String F-4 Mando Cello.
The photos of the construction process
are up on my Facebook page too.

  10-String A-Style Mandolas have been available in the past.
I might be building more in the future
but it will be a while.


(In the Mandolins section)


This is a direct link to all my videos on YouTube:


OK...That's it for now.
   Keep checking in.      

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  A4 Mandolins 

  F4 Mandolins 

  F5 Mandolins 

  F5 Bluegrass Mandolin 

  Octave A4 Mandolin 


  Octave F4 Mandolins 

  Come back for more...

I started making musical instruments in the late 1970ís.

My first attempt was a 5-String Banjo made out of a pine board I found in the garage...
                                       Read More...                                               

Check out the other
Nyckelharpas I've made.


Actually its a "FiddleHarpa".
A Nyckelharpa built to the size and tunings of a Violin.
(Look in the Violins and Fiddles section above)



E-mail TeeJay@cccinternet.net
Sorry...Had to delete the phone number.
I usually run and hide whenever I hear the phone ring anyway. 9 times out of 10 its not for me and I'm really bad about getting back to you if you leave a message. You'll have a much better chance if you use E-mail. Thanks!
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