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The photos up above are from  the first 10-String I made a few years ago.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom for pics and details of that one:






To view other Mandolins I've made in the past, click on each particular link below in the Catalog:

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  • F4 Mandolins 
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  • F5 Bluegrass Mandolin 
  • Octave A4 Mandolin 
  • Octave F4 Mandolins

  • Mandolins currently for sale:


    In order of appearance down below:

    Blue Octave (# 86)



    Octave Mandolin (# 82)

    Is still available!

    (Down below the Blue Octave)


    Hybrid 10-String
    F-4 Mandolin/Mandola. (# 75)


    Blue Octave (# 86) is sold!

    I've been wanting to make a blue one for years now. Finally got around to it.

    Back, sides and neck are Hard Rock Maple.
    The top is made of Spruce. 20 inch scale.

     The neck width at the nut is a bit on the wide side soon.
    I'll have the exact measurement up soon too.

    Really good good quality Chinese made individual Guitar tuners.

    Flat Ebony fretboard with Snowflake inlays.

    Side port sound holes.

    TR-1 Bronze Allen Guitars tailpiece with
    D'Addario phosphor bronze strings.

    Shop Cat inspected and approved!

    The case is made of Pine 2X4's and Plywood.

    Lined with foam and blue felt.

    Brass hardware with a leather strap and compartment box.




    Octave Mandolin

    (# 82)

    Scale length (nut to bridge) is 20".

     Top is made of Redwood with a larger sound-hole than I've made on past Mandolins.

    Newly added pick guard is made of Curly Walnut.

    The sides are deeper than my older Octaves: These are 2 - 1/8 inches wide
    to get a deeper sound.

    The neck, back and sides are all highly figured Walnut.

    The tuners are inexpensive but high quality, 

    Guitar tuners from China.

    I've now been measuring the neck measurements with a contour gauge.
    Here is a cross section of the neck just behind the neck, mid-neck and close to the heel.

    (Looking up the neck and facing the peg-head)
    Instead of an adjustable truss rod, there are two 1/8 X 1/2 inch steel rods imbedded in the neck.

    The finish is
    Color Tone clear satin guitar lacquer.

    This Octave has been named 'The Jupiter' because of its Great Red Spot.

    These Redwood boards I've been using have had a tenancy to produce unexpected cosmetic flaws in the form of nearly completely hidden knots and imperfections.

    Rather than toss it out and waste a perfectly good old growth Redwood board, I just went ahead to see what it would look like.

    Turned out O.K.
    (And it even kind of looks like the Face on Mars)

    The nut width is 1-1/2 inches wide.

    Here's the string spacing measurement
    on the bridge.

    The case is made out of Cedar 2X4's
    and Plywood, all stained reddish brown with brass hinges and latches.

    Inside is lined with foam and blue felt.

    Hinged compartment case.

    Nice leather strap.

    (Case included)

    Here are 3 video/sound samples:


    Here are 3 videos of Octave # 83:

    (Now sold)

    Hybrid 10-String
    F-4 Mandolin/Mandola. (# 75)

    With a scale length of 16" 
    I've been told this might qualify as a
    'short-necked Cittern'.

    The tuners are the finest quality 'economy' individual Guitar tuners from China. There is no brand name. They are very affordable, but so far the best tuners I've ever used.  

     17 medium frets with a 'zero' fret at the nut.

    Close-grained Redwood top,
    with 2 new side port sound holes.

    I decided it was time to 'upgrade' my clam-shell inlay,
    so this is how it turned out.
    This was also my first attempt at engraving inlay too.
    It may seem pretty crude compared to what other full-time professional engravers can do,
    but I'm pretty pleased at the way it turned out.  

    The back, and sides are made of highly figured Rock Maple.
    The neck is made of Birds-Eye Maple.

    Back of the head showing the fancy Ebony scrolls that were carved separately and glued on later.
    Also a close-up of those nice tuners

    All stained a deep reddish brown wine colored Merlot.

     Compensated adjustable Ebony bridge.
    (Hand-made by me)
    The intonation is spot on too! That green light on the electronic tuner twinkles a pretty green when fretting the notes. 

    And of course, a Bronze Allen Tailpiece.
    I just can't say enough about Allen tailpieces. Not only are these pretty much the Only tail pieces made for 10-Strings, they also can take both ball and loop end strings. 

    The case, like all my others, is made of carved Cedar 2x4's with a flat plywood back, padded with foam and lined with felt.
    Also stained with Merlot.

    # 75 was purchased by someone in Florida, and it spent a year down there in a very humid semi-tropical environment.
    The customer said it behaved itself just fine, until it was taken outside the heavily air-conditioned house, then the neck kept warping down so that it created several buzzes in the fretboard. I've had it back here in Minnesota now for several weeks and it has gone back to being to most agreeable gentleman of the Mandolin world!
    So keep that in mind if you're interested:
    This one needs to stay somewhere in the North Land.

    (Case included)  

    Here's some new videos. Sorry for the poor blurry quality.
    They were nice and clear when I uploaded them to YouTube.

    Here's a compilation of videos of Ian Kimmel of Bartons Hollow playing some sound samples in a very noisy Turner Hall at the
    New Ulm Trade Fair last march.


    Down below are some of the
    10-String  Mandolins
    I've made and sold:

    Photos and details of the 
    A-style 10-String Hybrid
    (# 74)

    Scale length (from nut to bridge) is 16 inches.
    The width of the neck at the nut is 1 and 3/4 inches

    The peg-head is made of highly figured Curly Maple. 
    The fret board is Ebony.

    There are 17 frets and there is a 'zero fret' on this one too.

    The top is made of Redwood.

    The tail-piece is a nice heavy chunk of bronze made by
    Allen Guitars.

    String spacing measurement on the bridge.

    String spacing measurement on the nut.

    The end of the fret board is highly scalloped to allow those magical tinkly notes without hitting the frets.

    The back, neck and sides and peg-head are stained a reddish-brown burgundy wine-color called 'Merlot'.

    The tuners are economy Ping tuners that are
    surprisingly nice and easy to tune.

    The neck is made of Birds-Eye Maple.

    There is no adjustable truss rod. However...
    the neck is constructed of 3 layers of hard Bird-eye Maple with 2 steel rods imbedded in between 2 layers of Ebony.
    I'll provide a detailed photo of that too) 

    The back and sides are made of highly figured Maple.

    Here's the pics and details of the case:

    Made of carved western cedar stained Merlot.

    Inside lined with foam and blue felt.

    Leather strap handle with brass latches.

    Hinged compartment case.

    Four rubber furniture coasters keep the brass hinges from scratching tables and floors.

    Back of the case is made from a nice piece of half-inch Plywood.

    Price for no-frills 10-Strings start at: 

    (case included)

    (# 74 is sold)

      There will be more 10-strings available some day
    but it might be a while.


    Here's a video.
    Thanks to Logan at
    Scheitel's Music in Mankato, Minnesota
    for playing a tune on it.

    There are also 3 videos of the first 10-String I made a few years ago on YouTube. One of them is all the way down at the bottom of this page.

    They both sound identical, as they are constructed the same, but the newer one seems to sound and play a little better.


    I'm now offering a no-frills case made of wafer board. Flat top and back. Same hardware as all the other custom fit cases (plus lined with foam and felt) but these will be quicker and easier to make, so the price will be lower too. So far I've just built one for # 76, but I'll be making these available for future no-frills economy Mandolins.

    Wafer board case:



    Hybrid 10-String Mandolin/Mandola.


    Since my first Mandola turned out so nice I thought I'd try and add a little extra and combine a Mandolin with a Mandola. Actually, since the new item is really a Mandola with an E string, it probably should be called a Mandola-Lin. But that sounds funny so either 10-String Mandola or Mandolin-Dola will do for now. It may also be called a "Short-necked Cittern".

    The back and sides are made of leftover scraps of highly figured Maple.

    Scale length (from nut to bridge) is 16 inches.
    The width of the neck at the nut is 1 and 3/4 inches and the width at the 12th fret is 2 inches.  

    The neck is made of Birds-Eye Maple.

    The peg-head is made of highly figured Quilted Maple 
    The fret board is Ebony.

    The top is made of Redwood.

          ...all stained a nice dark purple-reddish-plum color called "Merlot". The tail-piece is a nice heavy chunk of bronze made by Allen Guitars.

    There are now 3 videos/sound samples of it on YouTube.

    The Music Box

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/poBZvBKgaek" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    on YouTube
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