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  • A4 Mandolin
  • F4 Mandolin
  • F5 Mandolin
  • F5 Bluegrass Mandolin
  • Octave A4 Mandolin
  • Octave F4 Mandolin

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    Rock Bend Folk Fest
    Rock Bend Folk Fest - St. Peter, Minnesota.


    Contact Me:

    Tom Jessen


    If you need my home address contact me.


    Good Luck with that! I usually run and hide whenever I hear the phone ring.

    (I'm only posting the number here in case someone has a snake in their basement)

    For emergencies only!!!

    If you do call... remain calm, speak clearly and give your number more than once.
    Our poor old answering machine and your bad cell-phone connection sometimes makes an unintelligible message.

    Questions about Instruments?
    E-Mail is your best bet.



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