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  • A4 Mandolin
  • F4 Mandolin
  • F5 Mandolin
  • F5 Bluegrass Mandolin
  • Octave A4 Mandolin
  • Octave F4 Mandolin

  • Upcoming Events

    Rock Bend Folk Fest
    Rock Bend Folk Fest - St. Peter, Minnesota.


    Contact Me:

    Tom Jessen


    If you need my home address contact me.


    Good Luck with that! I usually run and hide whenever I hear the phone ring.

    (Better luck with texting than calling)

    (I'm only posting the number here in case someone has a snake in their basement)

    For emergencies only!!!

    Questions about Instruments?
    E-Mail is your best bet.



      Email tjessen2040@gmail.com

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