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    F-5 Bluegrass Mandolin

    F-5 Bluegrass Mandolin: This Mandolin was built in 2003 with all the trimmings! I’ve never had it up for sale till now. It has that nice “high lonesome bluegrass sound” and will make a nice addition to anyone who wants a good quality F-5 for the same price as a cheap Chinese built model. This turned out to be an experiment…it was my first attempt at staining. Needless to say it took a few tries to get it right! It has been worked over about 5 times: 3 times for staining and twice to “upgrade” some minor details. It has numerous tiny cosmetic flaws that apparently only bothers me. (I’ll point them out with a magnifying glass if you want to see them, too.) This would make a great “kickin around” camping Mandolin if you want to leave your other spendy $7,000 plus “LaPlant” or “Loyd Loar” Mandolins safely at home!

                                                                                                                      ----Price on this one was $2100.  Now available at       Scheitels Music  in Mankato for $1700.

                    SOLD! as of June 4.



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