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Cricket Fiddle Instrument Co.

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Here you'll find more pics and info on some of the instruments I make plus lots of detailed photos on the actual construction of some of them.
Also YouTube videos of some really unique
(and really Strange!) musical instruments from around the world.


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Upcoming Events

Rock Bend Folk Festival

Rock Bend
Folk Festival
Peter, Minnesota

  I will not be set up at Rock Bend again this year. My big old tree died and they cut it down, so needless to say... no more shade! I will be hanging out at the North Stage most of the time and will have an Octave Mandolin or two with me. Hope to see you there!


Welcome to TeeJays Home Page and Web Site.
I make stringed Musical Instruments
and conduct field surveys for

Reptiles and Amphibians

(Click on the Frog to get to the
Biological Survey)


Monday - May 4 - 2021


Hello from the banks of the
Watonwan River at Madelia, Minn. 

(The "Pride of the Prairie")        

A note about calling here
and leaving a phone message:
It usually doesn't work! 
Sorry... but using a cell phone with a bad connection
makes it impossible to hear
your return number.
Please use my E-mail address instead.
Thanks. New E-Mail Address:


Items currently available:

  Scroll down to see what I've got,
then click on the
appropriate blue link above for more pics and info.


Octave Mandolin # 13 is done !!!

I still have to finish the case and practice a bit before posting a video/sound sample, but brand new photos should be up real soon.
And I'll also post all the details of the 'Mysterious Curse of Mandolin # 13'
on my Facebook page too.

 I've made an



More photos and details on the 
Violins and Fiddles page.

Please Note...
When you get to the Violins and Fiddles Page... You will see a blank page.
Just scroll down a ways and you'll see everything. I don't know why it does that to me, but I can't fix it till my Computer Genius guy comes out to fix it. 



F-4 Octave Mandolin (# 89) 

Look for it in the Mandolins section under
Octave F-4 Mandolins.

(Case included)


Guitar Body Octave Mandolin
has been


There will be another one of these this Winter. 

(More Photos and details in the


Octave Mandolin
(# 82)


(More Photos and details in the
          Mandolins section)

10-String Hardanger Viola
is SOLD !!!

I've built another one of these, but it's not quite done yet. It won't be a Viking Fiddle, but it will have 8 strings. Stay tuned to my facebook page for weekly updates.

More photos in the
Violins and Fiddles




The FiddleHarpa is for sale
    once again!

(More photos and details in the
 Violins and Fiddles section.

10-String Mandola (# 75)

(Case included)

Now with new side sound-holes too.
(In the Mandolins section)

The 10-String Viola D' Amore is done and is at its new home in Richland, Washington.

There will be more of these!
Let me know if you're interested.

The 10 -String
Snake head 'Hardanger' Fiddle
has become famous!
It has toured several countries with it's new owner and is making beautiful music. 




  I now have video/sound samples.
Please keep in mind:
I spend a lot more time building than playing.
(More coming soon)

More videos in the Mandolins section.
That's what's currently available.
Check out my Facebook page for
photos of the construction of # 78.


Great Big Giant
10-String F-4 Mando Cello.
The photos of the construction process
are up on my Facebook page too.

  10-String A-Style Mandolas have been available in the past.
I might be building more in the future
but it will be a while.


(In the Mandolins section)


This is a direct link to all my videos on YouTube:


OK...That's it for now.
   Keep checking in.      

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  Octave A4 Mandolin 


  Octave F4 Mandolins 

  Come back for more...

I started making musical instruments in the late 1970ís.

My first attempt was a 5-String Banjo made out of a pine board I found in the garage...
                                       Read More...                                               




 Sorry...Had to delete the phone number.
I usually run and hide whenever I hear the phone ring anyway. 9 times out of 10 its not for me and I'm really bad about getting back to you if you leave a message. You'll have a much better chance if you use E-mail. Thanks!
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