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Brown Snake: These little snakes are a little larger than the Red-Bellys. Adults are only 12-15 inches long. (In fact...they are closely related) Latin name is: Storeria dekayii. These, however, only come in one color: Brown and their bellies are a light cream color. They are not as wide-spread as the RedBellys either...being a more woodland variety. They also have a more limited distribution in the state, too. I have only found Brown Snakes in the Minnesota Valley as far up as Courtland. If you find any of these really cute little snakes around New Ulm or farther up the Valley (or farther out onto the surrounding croplands) please let me know. They eat Worms and Slugs and give live-birth, too. I once had a captive female that gave birth to a dozen babies that were only 3 inches long. (They looked like tiny brown threads with heads!)

Below are some photos of full-grown adults:


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